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If you think you are a good match and wish to begin your massage therapy career, we look forward to learning more about you. Here you will find our course catalog, application form, and payment. Please note our basic school schedule.

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This course/program is designed for the student that desires to make Medical Massage a career. Upon completion of this program the student will be able to be classified as a Medical Massage Therapist. The student will have the ability to administer full body stress relief, Swedish massage procedures to the general public, and will also be able to administer shiatsu and deep tissue massage to help with specific ailments and disorders. The students will gain skills in business to prepare them to become integrated into the work force, either as employees, independent contractors, or self employed.

Some of the job opportunities are as follows:

  • Medical offices
  • Pain clinics
  • Massage Therapy Clinics
  • Open own office
  • Women’s clinics
  • Beauty Salons
  • Cruise Line
  • Spas
  • Hospitals
  • Chiropractic Offices
  • Physical Therapists Offices
  • Sports Medicine Clinics
  • Professional Sports Teams
  • Resorts/Hotels
  • Gyms
  • Nursing Homes

Please reread the catalog prior to your enrollment interview and orientation. All information on policy and expectations are written in the catalog. If you have questions regarding this information, please ask them at your orientation. The orientation is designed to get you acquainted with AIMM and what will be expected of you and what you can expect from AIMM.

Please note our holiday schedule in the catalog. AIMM takes a week off during the published holiday schedule, and therefore does not recognize the Monday holidays that are normally recognized by other institutions. Students are expected to attend all classes.


Instruction consists of Lecture, Practicum, and Internship/Externship.


Lecture This is where the theories are explained by the instructor. The students may take notes and may feel free to bring a tape recorder to class to record the lecture if they feel it would be beneficial. There may be classroom participation and open discussions during these lectures where the instructor feels it would enhance the learning process of the student. Lecture hours are 50 minutes with a 10 minute break at the end of each hour. A class time may consist of more than one lecture hour.


Practical lab is where the students acquire their “hands on” skills. Techniques are demonstrated and practiced under the supervision of the instructor. There may be some lecture involved in the classes, but the majority of the time is on practice. The lab hours are 50 minutes with a 10 minutes break at the end of each hour. A class time may consist of more than one lab hour (e.g. Anatomy and Physiology taught 2 class hours per week).


This is where the student can practice acquired skills in a real life setting. The student clinic at AIMM is open to the general public. The students when ready for their internship class, will coordinate their internship schedule with the clinic supervisor.

In the advanced half of the program, the students are required to practice their advanced skills on the general public at the AIMM student clinic.



NOTE: When internship starts, each student is entitled to two free Student Clinic massages per month, as repayment for participating in Student Clinic.

American Institute of Medical Massage

1220 41st Avenue, Suite I, Capitola, CA 95010

Medical Massage Therapist Program

The Medical Massage Course/Program consists of 9 set of classes that will be required to complete. Those courses are: Anatomy/Physiology, Business, Clinical Prep & Ethics, Swedish Massage, Anatomical Shiatsu, Deep Tissue Massage, Medical Terminology, Chair Massage, Advanced Massage Treatments (for ailments and injuries), reading x-rays, and the student must complete Internship with basic and advanced to graduate.

COURSE/PROGRAM LENGTH = 12 MONTHS 750 Clock Hours 48 weeks 15.625 Hours per week. Please refer to the Full Schedule document.

PREREQUISITES: Student must be a high school graduate or equivalent, at least eighteen (18) years of age, and pass the admissions interview process and pass the student aptitude test (High school level).

Ongoing Courses throughout the year:

Theory Night

  • 100 hours (96 + 4 hour final)
  • 2 hours/week for 48 weeks
  • 32 hours (31 + 1 hour final)
  • 1 hour/week for 31 weeks
Clinical Prep & Ethics
  • 17 hours (16 + 1 hour final)
  • 1 hour/week for 17 weeks

Foundational Courses:

First 6 months

Practicum Nights (3Hrs/night)
Basic Shiatsu Massage
  • 72 hours (69 + 3 hour final)
  • 6 hours/week for 12 weeks
Swedish Massage
  • 72 hours (69 + 3 hour final)
  • 6 hours/week for 12 weeks
Saturday Practicum (6hrs/day)
Deep Tissue Massage (Bio-Integration Therapy)
  • 72 hours (70 + 2 hour final)
  • 6 hours/week for 12 weeks
Internships (Saturday)
  • 72 hours
  • 6 hours/week for 12 week

Advanced Courses:

Second 6 months

Practicum & Theory
Combination Routine
  • 12 hours (11 + 1 hour final)
  • 6 hours/week for 2 weeks


Reading X-rays
  • 12 hours (11 + 1 hour final)
  • 6 hours/week for 2 weeks
Medical Massage
  • 108 hours (106 + 2 hour final)
  • 6 hours/week for 18 weeks
Medical Terminology
  • 6 hours (5 + 1 hour final)
  • 6 hours/week for 1 week
  • 6 hours (5 + 1 hour final)
  • 6 hours/week for 1 week
Chair Massage
  • 25 hours (24 + 1 hour final)
  • 6 hours/week for 4 weeks
Advanced Internship (Saturday or as arranged)
  • 144 hours (144 hours)
  • 6 hours/week for 24 weeks